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Monkeypox Is Here

Monkeypox is here. There were 866 reported cases in the US on July 11 and the number has increased to 1814 by July 16. The bad news is that, unlike Ebola, the previous African microbe to hit our...

Gun Violence and Mental Health

Every time there is a mass shooting event in the US, in addition to the debate about gun control, there is always a cry for more investment in mental health resources. I don’t believe this would...

Should I Take Paxlovid?

Like almost every question about Covid, the answer is that we don’t completely know the answer. This is what we do know. Paxlovid received emergency authorization from the FDA to use as an...

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Telemedicine is here to stay

Like in other areas of our life, where the pandemic accelerated pre existing trends of technology changing the way we live, telemedicine came into its own with the start of the pandemic. This was...

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