Telemedicine is here to stay

Mar 23, 2022

Like in other areas of our life, where the pandemic accelerated pre existing trends of technology changing the way we live, telemedicine came into its own with the start of the pandemic.

This was fueled not only by need, but by the implementation of several changes in regulatory, licensing and reimbursement policy by government and healthcare providers. Licensing restrictions were loosened such that doctors licensed in one state could now provide telemedicine care to patients in other states. Insurers, including the government started reimbursing telemedicine consults whereas previously they did not.

The concept of substituting, a trip to and from the doctor’s office, and waiting in waiting and exam room, with a simple telephone call or video consult is very appealing. It is also very cost-effective medical care.

The current challenge in telemedicine is to define the scope of practice that can be safely and effectively provided by telemedicine, and integrate this area of practice into the overall healthcare system.